Miss Nicholson

A few months ago I had planned with my friend Hayley to shoot when she was back in Somerset and I was fortunate to be able to do so over the Christmas holidays. We had close to an hour taking these photos, had a lot of fun shooting with Hayley who has a good instinct in front of the camera and I’m really happy with the photos. Hoping to shoot with her again in 2018!


Balloon Light

I tried taking some self portraits Monday evening, attempting to use white balloon lighting (cheap alternative to a soft box) as well as trying to incorporating the use of a prism in front of the lens for some nice effects. Really wasn’t the easiest of tasks to try alone but look forward to hopefully using the techniques when I have someone to model with me. That said I was reasonable happy with these results and had some other decent photos from the bunch I took but don’t feel I want or should post too many photos of myself!


It’s been a very long time without a post on here but one of my best mates asked if I could help him possibly dip a toe in the water of modeling, we were hoping to get outside for these photos but for the day we were both available we were given a cloudy dark day. As you can see I’ve had fun with different Photoshop effects on some of these.

20160628 DSC_0210

20160628 DSC_0082

20160628 DSC_0117

20160628 DSC_0141

20160628 DSC_0189

20160628 DSC_0013


My stunning friend Mollie was brave enough to allow me to take my first proper photos of a person last Thursday. I had a lot of fun taking these photos with Mollie and am really pleased with the photos we got out of it. The first one is with my family’s youngest Labrador Skye getting involved.


Using my tripod we took a good number of photos from the same spot that I later used masks in photoshop to combine the photos together to achieve the following.


Forest Nightfall

Late evening walk up on the hills into a forest area with my friend, Natasha and her black lab Molly. We had my DSLR with us, both taking shoots with it so some photos here are with Nat at the trigger. It had become very dark during the walk and with really only the cameras flash for lighting unfortunately got noise in some photos, but I still really like these shoots, producing some nice effects with what little light available to us.



My friend Natasha has an excellent eye for photography and makes herself a great subject for some photos up on the hills, and with an approaching sunset it was a pleasure to take the role of the photographer.


Shadow caster!