Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned firewood in the front garden sitting one on top of another to form a little piece of art in the morning sun.


A black and white photo with the exclusion of some ivy showing its colour in the lower left.



A timely airplane leaving a contrails as we arrive at the stile to take a photo. And I decide to stick around for a few more shots, the dogs following my directives as best as I could hope.

20140319_132415ps20140319_132442ps20140319_132313ps 20140319_132827ps

Alternative focusing on these next two photos, the first one has focus on Skye with her tongue out, and the second photo I’ve set focus onto the stile.


Reflectional Pond

Making use of the reflections from our garden pond to good effect I think. Ten happy free range chickens get themselves involved in today’s photos too.

20140318140704082ps 20140318140802893ps 20140318140906165ps20140318140807254ps

Spot a weird occurrence with this exchequer leghorns reflection?