Hawkridge Reservoir

Had a little detour to stop at Hawkridge reservoir before going further onto The Quantock Hills for a nice morning walk last week. I took a couple of shots at the reservoir where there were a few rowing boats with fishermen on, with this one defiantly being my favourite image.


Snow Birds

Nicknamed ‘Beast from the East’ a good deal of snow struck Britain last week. I thought the snow would give a great natural backdrop to some bird photos and spent a while with my camera pointing out into the back garden to see what birds I could take photos of. The first three photos featuring some robins, a blackbird and a chaffinch.

Three photos of a fieldfare what I can’t recall ever seeing in the garden before.

Miss Nicholson

A few months ago I had planned with my friend Hayley to shoot when she was back in Somerset and I was fortunate to be able to do so over the Christmas holidays. We had close to an hour taking these photos, had a lot of fun shooting with Hayley who has a good instinct in front of the camera and I’m really happy with the photos. Hoping to shoot with her again in 2018!

Balloon Light

I tried taking some self portraits Monday evening, attempting to use white balloon lighting (cheap alternative to a soft box) as well as trying to incorporating the use of a prism in front of the lens for some nice effects. Really wasn’t the easiest of tasks to try alone but look forward to hopefully using the techniques when I have someone to model with me. That said I was reasonable happy with these results and had some other decent photos from the bunch I took but don’t feel I want or should post too many photos of myself!

Skye at 8

I have a some photos of Skye out in our garden in a post from over 3 years ago just before she turned 5 years old. Now 8 and sporting a few additional greys I got her out for another little session in front of the camera.